About us

  • 1990 The first step is opening a factory of sliding doors in BRUGES – Belgium.
      • development of sliding doors for the ATOMIUM Brussels;

development of sliding doors without bottom rail. atomium8  atomium4

  • 1999 – 2000  Development  and production of the first invisible doors for the Belgium and French market;
  • 2004  The invisible doors are put in industrial production and  distributed in the EU;
  • 2014 – 2015 The publication of the EN 1634/1 and EN 1634
  • A2B/ALU3 make the investment for the development of:
    • wooden door with wooden frame – fire rated;
    • wooden door with aluminium frame – fire rated.

After 2 years, the whole development is ready for production.

Start up of the marketing for distributing in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Monaco, Holland, United Kingdom, and other EU contries.

  • 2015  The first negotiations started with countries from Africa.
  • 2016 The production was moved to Bulgaria
  • 2017  export to Europe is expanding to 90 procent of the production
  • 2018- 2019   A2B doors is certified by the republic of Bulgaria as producer of fire rated innerdoors and the products are accepted as building product
    • A2B doors Benelux is launched with HQ in Damme ( belgium)
    • product presentation on onternational building fairs in Poland, Italy and Bulgaria