Push door

Flush wall swing door: push -door

invisible push door

DESCRIPTION The flush wall swing door is a combination off a frame and a door panel.

The frame for a flush wall swing door is an Alu frame type P

This frame is foreseen to be integrated into plasterboard or plastered wall

The frame is in Alu raw and can be colored in the same color as the wall

The frames are cut according to the dimension off the door panel

The frames are mitered and provided with a corner joint bracket.

The frame is standard provided with invisible 3d- adjustable hinges for a perfect adjustment off the door panel.

For the noise, there is a pressure-sensitive gasket, color alu-grey.

The flush wall swing door can be used for renovation or new constructions.

As the frame is very stable, the door panel and the frame is installed together on the finished floor and in line with the plastered wall or the plasterboard wall.

The installation is very easy and quick.

Thanks to the mounting plates, the frame can easily be fixed and adjusted.

Once the frame is installed, the gap between the wall and the frame is plastered.

The frame is foreseen for an optimal gripping of the plaster on the alu.

The clearance between the door and the profile is standard 2mm horizontal and vertical.

At the bottom, the clearance is 4 mm.

This clearance remains visible after finishing an option, there is a distance holder available.

This distance holder can be removed after the installation without damaging.

The door panel is standard 40 mm thickness.

There are 3- 5 hinges depending on the door height and weight.

In the door panel, there is a magnetic lock integrated.

The opening for the handle without opening for a key is standard opening for the key can be foreseen on request.



example push door


The door opens at the opposite side of the frame.

A combination consists off:

  • Door 40 mm

  • The frame in alu type P

  • Cut under 45°

  • Forseen of die-cast alu corner joint

  • Cut-out for hinges

  • Min 3 concealed hinges ( max 5 depending door height)

  • Anchor plate

  • Anti-noise gaskets self-adhesive

  • Mounting – plates

  • door panel – tubular core- white primer

  • Integrated magnetic lock


  • White primer

  • Laminate HPL




  • Bathroom lock

  • Lock type yale                                                                                     

  • Roller-lock

  • 3 points lock

  • NOHA handle                                                                   

  • Handle with invisible rose